Welcome To Beothic Fish Processors Limited

Beothic Fish Processors Limited, a Newfoundland-based company, has its operations centered along the north coast of Bonavista Bay. The Company's head office and largest processing facility is located in the community of Valleyfield. The company purchases raw material all over the province.

The Company processes groundfish, shellfish and pelagic species into a variety of product forms as dictated by customer preference, and we utilize a variety of marketing channels and techniques to market products internationally. We have personnel who are always monitoring issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

 The Company operates its Valleyfield facility under very stringent quality guidelines, and processes all raw material soon after it is landed. We strive to maintain the quality of the raw material from the time it leaves the water to the final product stage.

Beothic Fish Processors Limited sources raw material from approximately 900 independent fishers, who utilize anywhere from 35 feet Length Over All (LOA) to 65 feet LOA. The smaller inshore vessels operate up to 50 miles from shore and the larger vessels operate in more remote locations.