Beothic Fish Processors Limited processes groundfish, shellfish and pelagic species into a variety of product forms as dictated by customer preference, and we utilize a variety of marketing channels and techniques to market products internationally. We have personnel who are always monitoring issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

Beothic sells under a variety of brand names, including

·  Sea-Licious brands for most groundfishand pelagics species, and

·   brand and CLASSIC brand for all crab products.

Groundfish and Pelagics sales are coordinated by our St. John's office. Atlantic Queen Seafoods Limited (AQS), a marketing company in which Beothic holds shares, handles all crab sales. The marketer/manager of AQS is Whitecap International Seafood Exporters, which has offices throughout Canada, the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

Beothic pays particular attention to customer needs, packing product of the highest quality to precise market specifications. We are a growing company and we are always looking at improvements to processing methods and are willing to try new species and products.