http://sunsoft-server/interactive/beothic/images/history1.jpgBeothic Fish Processors Limited, a Newfoundland-based company, has its operations centered along the north coast of Bonavista Bay. The Company's head office and largest processing facility is located in the community of Valleyfield and a second processing facility in the historic community of Greenspond. The company purchases raw material all over the province.

In the 1950s, B & F Way Limited of Newtown, Bonavista Bay and T. Hallett Limited of St. John's established a joint venture to purchase, process and pack salt fish in Newtown, where premises were constructed to carry out the business. At the conclusion of the year's activity, all expenses were totalled and the profit was divided evenly.

By the mid 1960s, traditional salt fish plants were being replaced by multi-species plants, producing frozen products. Beothic was formed in 1967 when the owners purchased the saltfish experimental plant at Valleyfield from the Federal Government, which has been developed into a state-of-the-art fish processing facility.http://sunsoft-server/interactive/beothic/images/history2.jpg

Beothic's products have an international reputation for being consistently high in quality due to standards set by the Company and the pride of the plant's workers and fishers in achieving these standards. Today, Beothic continues to strive for excellence in the production of world class groundfish, shellfish, and pelagics products.