Our Fishers

Beothic Fish Processors Limited sources raw material from approximately 900 independent fishers, who utilize anywhere from 35 feet Length Over All (LOA) to 65 feet LOA. The smaller inshore vessels operate up to 50 miles from shore and the larger vessels operate in more remote locations. 

Species purchased include

• groundfish, such as cod, Greenland turbot, flounder, halibut, grenadier, redfish, catfish, and skate.

• shellfish, including snow crab, rock crab, Atlantic crab, whelk and squid. 

• pelagics, including capelin, herring, mackerel, and smelt.

Handling practices on board the fishing vessels are aimed first and foremost at maintaining the quality of the raw material. All vessels delivering to Beothic are well maintained and they adhere to high sanitation standards. Raw materials are size and quality graded when offloaded and held in insulated conainers with slush prior to processing. At dockside, quality inspections are done to ensure that the quality of the raw material is maintained. Quality assurance procedures meet and exceed the requirements of the Federal Governments Quality Management Program. This overall effort provides the processing operation at Valleyfield with the highest quality raw material.